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How long does it last and where can I use it?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Currently all VIP kits are good for a duration of 6 months they work in ANY and all ZTL Rusty server.

Q: Why 6 months and not lifetime?

A: Server bills are expensive and are due every month, supporters keep server bills paid and help us make ZTL Rusty servers even better.

Q: Can I upgrade an existing VIP code?

A: Yes, in a nutshell you pay the difference, if you're interested submit a ticket and we will provide all the details.

Q: Can I buy a VIP and give it to a clan mate?

A: Yes.

Q: My friend no longer plays, can his code be used by another friend?

A: Yes, submit a ticket and we will quickly help.

Q: Can we activate multiple codes?

A: Yes but not in the same server, you can only activate 1 code per wipe.

For ALL details on VIP, check out the Terms and Conditions section and the bottom of the VIP page.

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