New 7DTD Client Patch Update!
  • Make sure to download the newest client patch update for the Racoon City Mod, this will also let us know which version of the Mod you have installed.
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ZTL Gaming presents the Racoon City Mod for 7 Days To Die. Below you will need to install one or both of the files required to play on the 7DTD – ZTL Gaming Server. Please check back for any updates. Enjoy

SDX Modded Server (Requires Client Download to play on 7DTD Server)

Simple Rules – Have fun!

A list of just some of the features:

  • We have added over 4000+ NEW Custom Blocks & Items

  • Improved HD2K Textures for a better graphical experience

  • Improved Lighting & Particles for a better graphical experience

  • Improved FPS for a better graphical experience

  • New Customized Sounds to keep you on your toes with added Buffs

  • Tons of New Recipes, just about EVERYTHING is craftable

  • Bigger BackPack Mod – 60 Slots

  • 100+ New Perks, 100+ New Quests

  • 500+ New Custom Props & Vehicles

  • 200+ Custom Prefabs built & pre-loaded

  • 100+ New Zombies, Entities & Traders

  • New Class Selection System & Specialized Quests on Startup

  • SDX Modded Server (Requires Client Download to play on server)

  • Lobby, Prison, Exile, PVP Battle Arena, PVE Team Battle Zone Areas & much more


Here are a few ground rules.  Deviations from these rules may result in a warning, punishment or in severe cases, a permanent ban.   If you are not certain what is acceptable, then ask first.   We are trying to keep the rules as simple and basic as possible.  We want to keep this server a friendly community.   Keep this in mind when engaged in PvP Areas.   Abusive or hateful speech will not be tolerated!  No Griefing in PvE Areas. Have fun!

Server Address:

Server Port:  26900

Discord Channel:

Live Server Map:

The server is managed and protected using Botman, a server manager for 7 Days To Die. We offer “Base Protection & Raid Alerts” as well as many other features, too many to list.

Create manage and join tournaments! Wanna know more?

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ZTL Gaming gives you the power to be able to create communities where users can create and manage teams, matches and tournaments.

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ZTL Gaming will be bringing you a wide range of game servers and mods. Keeping gaming active, live, and enjoyable. Stay tuned for updates and possible tournaments coming soon.

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With ZTL Gaming we off the service of creating and managing your own teams, yourselves. Team creation is easy and fun. This allows you to enroll in tournaments and challenge other teams or players.

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We strive to only bring you the best. Support for products and mods are free. We will gladly accept any donations as well. We only do this for fun and we love to game. That being said we are normal individuals with lives outside of gaming. Support will be given based on time availability.

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